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A New IPhone - Sunday, March 3, 2013 


It’s been rather cool for South Florida (in the low 50’s) and as a consequence, the sweats came out.  I’m in the habit of keeping my IPhone on me at all times and it’s natural to put the phone in my left pocket of any pants I’m wearing.  I knew the pocket in my sweats were a little shallow but didn’t think too much of it.

In any case, I was sitting on the couch watching television and it must have fallen out of my pocket into the space between the arm and cushion.  It’s a sleeper sofa so there is some mechanical workings down there.

I got up this morning looking for the phone.  It was not where it usually is - the bedside.  It wasn’t at the charge station.  It wasn’t anywhere.  I checked ICloud to “locate” my phone.  I knew it had to be in the house somewhere because I hadn’t left the house except to walk Rocky and I had it that night on the couch.  I moved the couch and nothing.  I looked under the cushion and nothing.  ICloud will ring the phone for you and sure enough, it was in the couch. 

I took out a flashlight to look down into the recesses.  I could hear it but couldn’t see it.  My logical conclusion was it had  somehow slipped between the folds of the mattress.  Bad assumption!  I pulled the bed out and it didn’t want to come.  It usually is very easily pulled out.  I gave it a jerk and you see the results above.  It would turn on, but that was it. 

I loved this IPhone.  I didn’t get the 4, or 4s because I liked the style of this one.  However, the battery was beginning to not hold the charge for any length of time and I knew a new one was in the offing, just not so soon.  I bit the bullet and got the IPhone 5.  I guess I’ll learn to love it but I really did prefer the old one. 

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