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A Trip to the Emergency Room - March 16, 2008 

At least he thought he was on his way to Bark Park.... Saturday afternoon I noticed Rocky was squinting through both eyes.  At first, I thought it was just because he was looking into the sun but I noticed he continued to do it when inside.  I checked as closely as I could and didn’t see anything wrong.  As the afternoon worn on, I kept noticing how much more he was squinting. 

I went online and googled “dogs squinting” and came up with an alarming list of causes for squinting.  He really did look like he was trying to read very fine newsprint and needed glasses.  I, of course, overreacted and called the Hollywood Animal Hospital.  They said it was up to me if I wished to bring him in but there were no appointments available and they were booked until 7pm but would try to work him in.  I almost did but decided to wait until Sunday to see if he got better.  He has an amazing ability to heal himself and I thought I was just the worried parent. 

I went to a party Saturday night and he did seem a little better when I got home.  I knew he’d sleep while I was away.  Sunday morning and the squint was back and perhaps a little worse.  I changed all Sunday plans and took him in to the emergency room at Hollywood Animal Hospital.  They took him right in.  I could only figure I got soap in his eyes when I bathed him on Friday, but then I got to thinking, he likes to scuba dive for balls in the dog pools at bark park and he may have gotten something in them then.

They did “dipstick” tests to determine the amount of tearing, a glaucoma test, stained his eyes to show up any scratches, and all came back negative.  He was basically diagnosed with conjunctivitis/iritis.  He now has a regimen of eye ointment and eye drops twice a day for five days.  The ointment has both an antibiotic and a steroid.  I guess this now means he cannot play professional sports. 

The charge came to $219 and that included an emergency room fee and the medications so that’s not too bad.  I have VPI pet insurance and they’ll reimburse me some of that after the deductible of $50 (mine is $350 - so he actually has better health insurance than I do). 

Through the examination, the poking, prodding and drops, he was quite calm and the gentleman - no growling or snarling.  The vet was very gentle and I think Rocky took it a little better than I would have, particularly the part of having dipsticks placed in your eyes.

Even though he has been squinting, his appetite and his energy is good and he still wants to go on his walks.  Hopefully, the meds will clear up whatever the condition.  

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