Post Cards from the Edge A VISIT TO THE NORTON MUSEUM - August 5, 2010 | Welcome to Fred’s Home Page


Ever since my first visit to the Norton a couple of years ago, I’ve wanted to go back.  There’s so much to see in one visit. Today, some friends and I took the trip to West Palm Beach and did the Norton.  It was their first time and my second.  What a great museum of art.  The Chihuly ceiling alone is worth the visit.  Their Chinese art collection is great along with their American and European art. 

They had special exhibitions of recent additions to the Norton and the illustrations of James Gurney of Dinotopia fame.  For the price of admission ($12) and the cost of the meal, you can’t beat the Norton for a morning/afternoon out of the heat. 

An additional treat is the Cafe 1451 in the museum.  It’s excellent food at a reasonable price.  I had the crispy snapper, chickpea soup and bread pudding.  Service was excellent as well. 

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