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Ah! Summer! - May 10, 2013

Ah! Summer!  Time in the pool, long walks with Rocky, fresh mangoes!  It’s also time for home projects.  I’ve been delaying the start but got ready to clean the gutters, scrub the mildew on the surfaces, and check to make sure they are well attached.  Bring out the extension ladder for the front gutters.  About half way through, I put the final touch to my annual summer tradition of falling off the ladder.  Every year, without fail.

I was descending with a bucket of water, sponge, and scouring powder.  It was that sneaky last rung.  I thought I was on it but in reality, it decided to go lower and fool me.  I missed it and promptly begin the old familiar sensation of impending disaster.  

The good news is that flower beds are a wonderful cushion.  I think I would have made it except for the stump from a palm tree that tripped me at the last moment.  In any case, I landed on my left side in a bunch of Haliconia. Nothing broken and nothing injured but my pride.  I had intended on breaking the streak this summer.  

At least it was not from the top rung.  I’ve done that before.  The streak continues!

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