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An Emergency Room Visit - December 23, 2009 

Stupidly, I took Rocky to Happy Tails dog park in Plantation yesterday.  He did great for the first circle around the park but then he spied a squirrel and thought he was a teenager again.  Off he went and immediately pulled up short and limped.  He came back to me and we left the park.  He actually waited for me to lift him into the truck, something he’s never done before.  It’s his right rear knee.

I put him back on prednisone immediately.  It’s supposed to reduce inflammation.  He was OK but uncomfortable for most of the night and I kept waking up every hour to check on him.  Around 3 am this morning I heard him whimpering.  Off to Hollywood Animal Hospital at 3:30 am.  Again, the diagnosis was torn ligament in his knee.  For the pain, they prescribed an opiate and suggested either continuing with the prednisone or waiting 5 days and getting a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.  I’ve decided to keep him on prednisone since I know he tolerates that well and it will hopefully reduce the inflammation enough so he can again put weight on the leg.  He’s one mellow dog at the moment.  Hopefully, it’ll keep the pain down to a tolerable level. 

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