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A good friend and I did Wynwood Art Walk last night.  It was packed and there were so many people you could barely walk the sidewalks.  Getting into and out of the galleries was quite an effort.  The energy of the crowd was great fun and it was as interesting to people watch as it was to view the art.  Several performance artists were around, one that included the ability to have your money laundered while you wait.  A pair were taking money you donated and washing it in soap and water and then squeegeeing it on the wall of a building.  People were throwing dollar bills into the wash!  The couple kept the money.

Prior to the Wynwood walk, we had dinner at Michy’s in the Morningside area of Miami.  Michelle Bernstein has two restaurants: Michy’s and Sra Martinez in the Design District of Miami.  She was named Best Chef South by the James Beard Foundation and her food is excellent.  I had eaten at Sra Martinez before but never had made it to Michy’sIt’s a cozy little restaurant on the east side of Biscayne with parking in the rear.  The wait staff was excellent and very welcoming.  We showed up 30 minutes early for our reservation and they sat us immediately.

We shared oysters and fried squash flower appetizers.  I had the yellowtail snapper as entrée and my companion had the haddock.  Everything was really, really well done.  It’s now become one of my favorite restaurants.  The energy level here is more relaxed and laid back while at Sra Martinez it’s more hectic and vibrant. 

The oysters were from the Pacific Northwest (becoming my favorite oyster site) and the fried squash blossoms were outstanding.  They were lightly battered with a very interesting stuffing of shrimp and other things served on a bed of creamy grits. 

My yellowtail was one of the best I’ve eaten (the best I’ve had was at the La Ti Da in Key West many, many years ago) and this was in a curry sauce with hearts of palm as a side.  The yellowtail was served on a bed of rice and cooked to perfection. 

Desert was chocolate croquetas that were unbelievably rich and full of melted dark chocolate in a very crisp “cigar” wafer. 

My dining companion left her credit card at the restaurant and Michy’s called me on my cell phone.  We turned around and as I went in to get the card, low and behold, Michelle Bernstein was at the reception desk welcoming patrons.  

It was a great evening, unfortunately ruined when I got home by the second night in a row of my neighbor’s dog barking until 12:30 am.  Still, I had the wonderful dinner and wonderful art walk with a good friend. 

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