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Saturday night in the Amaturo Theatre at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts was one of my more unusual experiences - a fusion of flamenco of Spain and Kathak dance of India.  Our emcee suggested flamenco could have its origin from northwestern India and the final act only reinforced the idea. 

The evening started with our group planning to meet at a restaurant on 2nd Street in Fort Lauderdale for an early dinner before the performance.  Unbeknown to everyone, the restaurant had closed for good, so we adjourned to Tarpon Bend on 2nd Street.  It was a rousing good time with happy hour in full swing so we were well lubricated prior to the performance. 

The evening at the Amaturo begin with the Padmasri Dance Academy opening the event with homage to the elephant god of India, Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.  It was very well done and it was good to see young people interested in dance. 

Next up was flamenco dancing with Clarita Filgueria as dancer, Romulo Bernal on drums, El Tiburon on guitar and vocals with an unidentified woman as palmas (clapper).  I thought it good performance.  The musicians were excellent and the costuming was well done for Filgueria. 

Next was Prashant Shah who I though was really great in his interpretations of Kathak dance (not that I know anything about Kathak).  It was even better when coupled with the Sarangi, tabla and sitar. 

After intermission came the fusion.  It was eye opening to see the two art forms merged.  You could certainly understand where one would believe that Kathak dance could have influenced flamenco in Spain.  The production was well done. 

This is the second production by the Association of Performing Arts of India (APAI) that I’ve attended and they really do quality work.  I recommend them to anyone.

Images are from the APAI website

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