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Gettysburg Battle Field 

My next door neighbor had to be admitted to a nursing home and in clearing out the estate and selling the house, a large dumpster was brought into the driveway.  I helped in any little way I could the person who was in charge of cleaning out the house and sorting what to keep and of what to dispose.  Finally, it got too much for the both of us and eventually, someone was hired to help.  Among those materials to go into the dumpster was a large shoebox of postcards saved from trips. 

I was walking Rocky one afternoon and something stood out in the dumpster.  I found the box of postcards and felt badly that someone’s memories were thrown in the trash.  I retrieved them and much to my surprise were many vintage postcards from the 40s and 50s.  Included in the bunch was this packet of 20 cards from the Gettysburg Battlefield. 

I’ve decided to post the cards (the packet was what was mailed - the individual cards were enclosed in the packet and not intended to be mailed individually) on the web site as a means of perhaps keeping memories alive.

I’ve never visited Gettysburg - perhaps when I retire - but I am a student of the Civil War and have always been fascinated by the high watermark of the Confederacy.  This podcast is dedicated to my former neighbor Betty who sent these cards to her parents in Fort Lauderdale and to Robert Buford who had a distant relative at the battle.

The narration of the podcast is the information provided on the back of each card and the background music is recognized by anyone from the South performed by yours truly with the aid of Garage Band.  It was tricky but worth the effort to relearn my piano basics.

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