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Guineafowl - October 21, 2011 

You just never know what will show up on your doorstep.  The other day while walking Rocky, I saw the neighbors looking at two large birds.  They thought they were turkeys but I thought they might be guineafowl.  A quick check of the web confirmed it.  They were apparently escapees from where ever they were kept.  According to Wikipedia, they mate for life.  Unfortunately, one has since become extinct due to a neighborhood dog.  This is the survivor against my gate to the back yard.  Rocky is licking his lips in anticipation of a “chicken” dinner and it was all I could do to keep him from the hen. 

I think this is the helmeted guineafowl, native to Africa and introduced elsewhere.  You really can’t tell by this photo, but there is a fleshy crest at the top of the head.  I suspect his time is short because too many of the neighbors let their dogs out loose during the day or night. 

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