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Leaving San Francisco - January 20, 2008 

Actually, I take the red eye flight out Monday morning at 12:40 a.m.  I’ll probably leave Parker Guest House around 10 p.m.  The hosts are very accommodating...they’ve arranged for a taxi even though no one will be at the desk. 

Today dawned cooler and with scattered fog.  I walked to the top of Sanchez Street where you can get a pretty magnificent view of the city.  My legs were pretty much rebelling towards the end.  I’ll probably get a bite of lunch and dinner tonight, watch a football game and maybe try to get a little sleep before I have to stay awake on the plane. I just can’t seem to sleep on planes.

Last night, Wade and I went to see Michael Tilson Thomas conduct the New World Symphony.  The first piece was "Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor" by J.S. Bach.  The second piece was in tribute to Xenakis - his piece "Â L’lle de Goree" with Elisabeth Chojnacka on the harpsichord - supposedly written with her in mind. You know you’re in trouble when MTT begins to explain the complexities of the piece before conducting.

The last was Schubert’s "Symphony in C major", sometimes called the Great Symphony.  Bach and Schubert were great.  The orchestra was very tight and sounded excellent.  It was my first trip to Davies Symphony Hall and I enjoyed it.

Perhaps the most interesting conversation of the week was with a Dutch group.  Two were married (Holland allows gay marriages) and a business partner.  They were in the states on very interesting business and left on Saturday.  Their perspective of the United States was interesting and their opinion on the current President was also interesting.  Along that line, I ran into another individual who was from New Zealand.  Apparently, when the current President was elected, he moved to NZ and is currently in the process of getting citizenship.  He said there are quite a few expatriates from America.  I guess some people really did leave the country after the election.

Back home to the routine.  I can’t wait to see Rocky and get started on our walks again - and a little warmer weather!

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