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New World Symphony - March 2, 2008

On Friday, Feb 29th, my good friend John Bell and I headed to South Beach and Lincoln Road for the opening performance of “Bach and the Baroque” with the New World Symphony at the Lincoln Road Theatre.  We left around 5:30pm and got to Miami Beach around 6:15. 

The first stop was Sushi Samba, which has become one of our favorite restaurants - a mix of Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. The night began with a cocktail - Caipirinha - the national drink of Brazil made with muddled lime, Cachaça and sugar.  We started with an appetizer of butter lettuce wraps of rock shrimp, uni aioli, summer peas and black truffle vinaigrette.  That was followed with Ezo, a 24 hour soy marinated salmon, asparagus, red onion, chive, sesame and  tempura flake roll wrapped in yellow soy paper with wasabi mayo.  That was accompanied by the Chef’s choice of a combination of sushi and sashimi.

We tried a cloudy sake, Niikko Kirifuri (Tochigi)  that has a hint of steamed rice and a milky white color.  It’s served chilled.  We followed it all with a dessert,  Coco Duo  made with a dark  and white chocolate custard with pralines.  Yes, it was all delicious!

Ton Koopman from the Netherlands led the symphony in exploring Jean-Phillipe Rameau, Carl Phillipp Emanuel Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach.  He’s noted throughout the world as a great conductor of baroque music, especially Bach.

From Rameau he conducted  Dardanus.  From CPE Bach, he conducted Symphonies # 4 in G major and #1 in D major.  From JS Bach, he conducted "Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major."  All were very well done.  We had the added benefit of orchestra seats and got to see the action up close and personal.  That’s the closest I’ve ever sat at a symphonic performance and you can actually hear the individual instruments as opposed to seating further back.  I’m not sure how we got the seats - the theatre was pretty full but we must have ordered a few days after the season was announced.  It was great. 

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