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One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward - February 24, 2008 

Just as you think you’re getting ahead.  Yesterday, I received my income tax return from Jim Landon with the good news of getting $202 back from the government.  The fee was $130 so I was $72 to the good.  I had been worrying about having to pay this year since my interest on my home loan had gone down and my income had gone up (slightly).  I also didn’t have as many deductions this year as in the past.  I was feeling pretty good until I heard this loud bang.

The battery in the stand alone generator blew.  Looks like the $72 is already spent for a new battery.  Apparently, Generac has had problems with this lately.  When I called the company who maintains the generator, they said they were expecting a shipment of no maintenance batteries to take care of this very problem and would be out on Monday to replace it.  Luckily, the battery was pretty much dry and there was no huge splash of acid to destroy anything inside.  It was just the hydrogen gas build up.

The other steps backward are I still have the sewer hookup to do ($1000 for the city of Fort Lauderdale and a remainder of $1800 for the sewer connect) and still have not been reimbursed for the San Francisco trip.  Great things credit cards!  The only good news is I do have two extra checks coming.... One in May and one in October.  Oh well, if it weren’t this, it would be something else.  P.S.  I also need to get the palms trimmed for hurricane season and a new garage door that is hurricane rated.  There goes some more money.

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