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R.I.P. Guineafowl - October 25, 2011

Rest in Peace Guineafowl.  This was the survivor from the previous dog attack.  Unfortunately, he made the mistake of roosting in my backyard last night and Rocky found him about 30 minutes ago and swiftly disposed of him.  The guineafowl had been roaming the neighborhood and Rocky had several times caught his scent, so it was a fatal mistake to roost in my privet hedge. 

Rocky came to the door with feathers all in his mouth and I wondered what he had found.  At first I thought it was a baby bird but once I removed the feathers from him, I went looking and just outside the patio door was the carcass. 

I hate that he is gone because they are supposedly good pest control critters, especially for ticks.  Apparently, a neighbor down the street purchased them for a tick problem.  The previous owner had raised dogs to sell and the ticks got out of control.  Even though the owner clipped the wings, they can jump pretty high and apparently jumped his fence.   The rest is history.

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