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Rocky Update

So, the blood tests came back normal with the exception of high eosinophil level which could mean parasites or infection, or he was hyperventilating like crazy.  The vet ruled out parasites since he had his annual heart worm test in May and he didn’t have a fever so I’ll put it down to hyperventilating.  The only other thing to do was an echocardiogram which would be more diagnostic for the heart than the x-ray they took that night, but the x-ray already showed an enlarged right auricle but no fluid build up.  I decided against the echocardiogram for now. 

Since it does seem to be a  heart related problem (he does have a murmur) I decided to put him on a low salt diet.  In addition, I give him an 81 mg aspirin in the evening (I take mine in the morning).  I stuff the aspirin in a small piece of cheese and call it his magic cheese.  Since the low salt diet and the daily aspirin, he’s shown no more signs of heavy panting and irregular breathing and sleeps pretty much through the night. 

The trick is the low/no salt diet.  All the popular treats have salt.  I did find at The Doggy Store some treats that don’t contain salt and stocked up on them.  His canned Science Diet has no salt but the dry food does.  I also make some of his food and I can simply not add the salt to that.

So, to economize, I looked online for dog treats without salt.  The above recipe is my first try.  While in San Francisco this summer, I found some cookie cutters I liked and so I picked up a few and, as you can see, one was in the shape of a martini.  Since I sometimes have a martini in the afternoon and he insists on having a “treat” I decided the martini shape was appropriate for him.  Now if he’ll only eat them.  By the way, I hate liver!

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