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Rocky’s Most Dangerous Adventure with a Bufo Toad - April 21, 2009 

Well, it had to happen one day.  After years of ignoring frogs and toads, he decides to pick on rather large Bufo marinus.  I was out stuffing the yard waste can with palm fronds and heard him shaking his head.  I turned to look and he was foaming at the mouth.  I saw the toad.  Immediately I washed his mouth out with the hose (he actually let me) and I called Hollywood Animal Hospital.  They said to get him there immediately.

Two days later and 3.5 liters of IV I pick him up.  Boy, did he have to pee.  3.5 liters of fluid will do that.  The bill was $472.00.  Apparently, it’s like a hotel.  If you don’t pick him up by checkout time, they add an extra day.  The vet said my washing his mount out probably saved him, along with his size.  The toad produces a neurotoxin and can even cause heart attacks in dogs.  I watched him closely for a few weeks and I can’t detect any neurological effects.

As you might guess, I wanted to know where the toad was.  Couldn’t find him for several days.  One day I look in the pool and there he is, sitting on one of the solar rings like he’s on a lily pad.  I administered last rights. 

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