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San Francisco Macworld Expo - January 19, 2008

The MACWorld Expo finished yesterday and I now have two free days in San Francisco.  It’s colder than I remember but it’s a refreshing change from Fort Lauderdale. 

I arrived late on the 15th via Continental.  Good flight, no problems.  I did a late check in at the Parker Guest House, my favorite place to stay in San Francisco.  I was up early the next morning (Fort Lauderdale time) and made my way to the Moscone Convention Center.  It was packed!  The conference was actually in two locations: Moscone South - the large center, and Moscone West - the smaller one.  All my sessions were held in Moscone West.

The first day I attended “The Art and Craft of Digital Photography” with Chris Orwig and picked up several good hints about digital photography.  The second session that day was “iLife Mastery” with Jim Heid.  It was excellent.  It motivated me to go purchase both MAC OS X Leopard and update to iLife 08.  I even bought his book.  It even got me to get off my rear and finally do a home web page again.  I didn’t make the last session I wanted due to jet lag that finally sent me back to the guest house. 

That night, my friend Wade Howard and I had reservations for Dine Around San Francisco at the Hyde Street Bar and Grill.  Through a mix up, we went to the Hyde Street Bistro (don’t ask how) and we ended up settling in there.  It was French cuisine and I had rabbit.  It was pretty good, but not spectacular. Wade treated me for dinner and I really appreciated the gesture (and the expense incurred).

The next day at the Moscone, I attended “iPod Fully Loaded with Andy Ihnatko, “Best of Leopard OS X Hints with Rob Griffiths, and “Podcasting Studio” with Leo Laporte and Alex Lindsay.  The first two were great.  I learned there are things you can do with iPods that I never dreamed.  The last one about Podcasting was a big disappointment and I left about 30 minutes into the session.  They were late because they were talking downstairs and then both proceeded to spend a large amount of time telling the group their personal histories. 

That night, Wade and I had reservations at the Mecca restaurant on Market.  Wade was dubious because he had just read a review in the Chronicle that panned the restaurant.  I had eaten there several years ago with friends but since then, the restaurant had burned and then reopened.  I said let’s see if the reviewer knew what he was doing.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The wine was excellent, I had calamari that was probably the best I’ve eaten, oysters on the half shell, and dessert.  Wade had the lamb “lollipops” and thought they were great. 

The last day of the convention was an all day Podcasting session with some 12-15 presenters.  The overall impression was it was pretty good but it was uneven in the content and at times, the vaunted MACs of the presenters didn’t perform and they had no way of making their presentations. 

Today, I walk the Castro, shop a little, and later tonight Wade and I will see Michael Tilson Thomas conduct Shubert.  Strangely, I’ve been to the New World Symphony several times in Miami but never got to see MTT conduct.  I had to come to San Francisco in order to see him.  Not a bad way to do it.

I take the red eye out on Monday morning and I’m due back in Fort Lauderdale at 10:56am.  Thank goodness I have the day off. 

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