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TriRail, MetroRail, MetroMover to Perez Art Museum - February 8, 2015

Sunday was a perfect day weather-wise so two friends - Jim and Holley - and I boarded TriRail at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Station for a trip to the Perez Art Museum in Miami (PAMM).  Don’t look for TriRail at the airport.  It’s actually at Griffin Road and I95 where you find Outdoor World, the Humane Society and Tigertail Lake.  TriRail runs approximately every hour so Jim and Holley picked me up around 8:15 am and we made it in plenty of time for the 9:03 am departure from the station.  We asked the ticket agent about tickets.  We purchased a round trip for $5 each and were promptly told via PA that the south bound TriRail train would be arriving on the north bound tracks.  It was also late - about 10 minutes.  Not a big deal unless you are trying to make a connection.  

In any case, we boarded and away we went.  We sat in the upper level for a better view.  The cars were clean and neat and surprisingly busy for a weekend trip to Miami.  We arrived at the Metro Transfer Station and thought all we needed to do was purchase a $1 ticket for MetroRail.  Wrong.  Either we didn’t know what we were doing or the information was wrong.  It was another $5 each for a round trip MetroRail Pass.  Very possibly, our TriRail round trip ticket would have worked, but we didn’t want to chance it.  We just beat a huge crowd of passengers on their way to either a cruise or the Miami Airport.  

We walked up a series of flights to the MetroRail Station.  It had a great view of an abandoned, roofless warehouse but again the station was neat and clean and some of the passengers were very helpful.  

MetroRail runs about every 30 minutes or so and we had just missed the train out of the station (thanks to the delay of TriRail).  Waiting was not a problem since we were in absolutely no hurry.  Eventually, the MetroRail appeared and whisked us off to the Government Center where you catch MetroMover.  

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