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Bellini’s La Sonnambula - February 9, 2013, 7:00 pm - Florida Grand Opera

This is my third Bellini opera and the most boring of the three.  Norma and The Capulets and Montagues  are more interesting.  However, the cast of this opera blew me away with their voices.  I think these cast members were outstanding and could rival any voice I’ve heard in San Francisco.   Indeed, Hye Jung Lee sang the role of Madam Mao in the San Francisco Opera production of Nixon in China.  Amina was performed by Rachele Gilmore.  The Herald had an article about her on Friday that said she literally saved the day in Washington, DC by jumping in her car and racing through traffic to sub a role.  She is a very good coloratura soprano and I wish she sung the role of Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute

The rather dull story is about Amina getting ready to marry Elvino when Count Rodolfo returns to his castle after the elder count passes away.  Later, Amina is found sleep walking in the count’s room at Lisa’s Inn (on his way to the castle).  Of course, Lisa, who playing for the count, informs Elvino straight away and Amina is branded as a loose woman.  Elvino renounces his pledge of marriage.  Lisa promptly moves in on Elvino and it is the count to the rescue to repair Amina’s reputation. 

All’s well that ends well.  Amino leaves the room and magically reappears in her wedding dress (apparently ready to go in case of a change in heart) and all live happily ever after (except Lisa who is left out in the cold).

Michele Angelini as  Elvino is a very promising tenor.  Adam Lau was an excellent bass in his roll as Lisa’s suitor.  There was a large cast and they were in excellent voice.  Their voices carried very well into the upper tiers of the Arsht Center.  The orchestra was spot on and did not overwhelm the singers too much. 

Some of the arias sung by Rachele Gilmore were hauntingly beautiful.  To be honest, I would buy the sound track but skip the opera.  Apparently, the Arsht is in budget mode again with the stage design.  The scenes were mostly of trees.  Impressive trees, but that was pretty much it. 

The image is from the Florida Grand Opera web site.

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