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GOUNOD’S Romeo and Julliette - April 21, 2012, 7 pm - Florida Grand Opera 

This was another excellent production by the Florida Grand Opera.  If they are not careful, they will develop a good reputation.  The opening act was a little rough as far as stage choreography and I felt María Alejandres’ voice was straining to project in the first scene of the first act but she soon warmed up and did an excellent job. 

However, it was Sébastien Guèze, a tenor from France, as Roméo that, in my opinion, stole the show.  I saw him in Cyrano at the Florida Grand Opera last year and thought him excellent, but he really stood out in this role.  His acting skills very nicely complemented his excellent voice.  He really made you believe his passion.  The entire cast was good but the chorus really stood out in Act II and Act III. 

The set design and lighting were very well done even though done with a minimum of set.  The excellent light  of Steve TenEyck really gave life to the set design of Erhard Rom.  I hope they continue to work with Florida Grand Opera.  The fight scenes were a little lacking but not to the point of interfering with the production.  Costuming by Jennifer Caprio was some of the best I’ve seen at Florida Grand Opera.  I assume they recycle many costumes and I noticed that the mask of some were by Jeff Semmerling and principal costume production from ABC Costume Shop in Miami.

When Roméo drinks the poison, he rolls off the bier and I’m not sure it was staged but he hit the ground pretty hard.  It must have been staged because Guèze didn’t miss a note.  Guèze and Alejandres’ duets were very well done.  All in all, an excellent production by the Florida Grand Opera. 

Robert Heuer, General Director and CEO of Florida Grand Opera introduced the opera and the 2012-2013 season and bade farewell to the Florida Grand Opera.  He’s retiring after 33 years at the helm. 

Image is from the Florida Grand Opera web site.

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