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Verdi’s La Traviata - April 20, 2013, 7:30 pm - Florida Grand Opera

Ah!  Love won, love lost, she dies in the end.  The opera is loosely based on the 1852 novel by Alexandre Dumas, La Dame aux Camélias.  I remember seeing the Robert Taylor, Greta Garbo movie and some time in the late 60’s there was another movie based on Camille that was totally forgettable

Violetta is a famous Parisian courtesan who has, what turns out to be, tuberculosis but has recovered enough to throw a party.  Alfredo is a guest and tells of his love for her.  Unbeknown to Violetta, Alfredo has called every day during her illness.  Violetta does not believe in love but Alfredo continues to pursue her.  Eventually, they move to the sea side and live in what Alfredo thinks is bliss.  Only too late he learns that to support their lifestyle, Violetta has sold her possessions.  He rushes to Paris to settle accounts. 

While in Paris, Alfredo’s father visits Violetta and asks her to give up her love for his son.  Giorgio Caoduro is excellent as Alfredo’s father.  He says not only is she ruining his son’s reputation but his daughter’s as well.  Reluctantly, Violetta agrees to leave Alfredo and she departs for Paris and the Baron. 

Alfredo returns, confronts his father, and rushes to find Violetta to accuse her of being unfaithful with the Baron.  He insults her publicly and leaves. 

The final act finds Violetta dying of consumption and Alfredo’s father confesses to Alfredo and he rushes back just in time for her death.

I’ve heard María Alejandres in the role of Juliette in 2012 in Romeo and Juliette, but I really think she missed in this role as Violetta.  Her voice was actually too strong for the role.  At times, I felt like I was listening to Kate Smith belt out “God Bless America.”  I did not feel she brought any nuance to the role.  Her best moments were when she sung soft and sweetly.  We heard her quite well in the 3rd tier.  Her voice would have been better in a larger venue. 

Ivan Magrì was quite good as Alfredo, but at times, he projected too much just to keep up with Alejandres.  The best was Giorgio Caoduro who played Alfredo’s father.  He brought a richness to the role.  It’s hard to believe but at times the orchestra overpowered Alfredo. 

The set design was well done and efficient and worked. 

All in all, I was a little disappointed in FGO’s final production of the year, but Verdi is Verdi.

The image is from the Florida Grand Opera web site.

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