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Canyonlands Ballooning - July 20, 2011

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On Wednesday, May 25th, I took my first hot air balloon ride.  A good friend suggested that since I had an extra day at Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, I should try out the hot air balloon trip.  I did and I’m glad.  

The company is called Canyonlands Ballooning and is owned and operated by Lou Bartell.  He’s really a great pilot, an entertaining tour guide, and someone in whom you have full confidence.  He has an expert ground crew and the experience from start to finish is one of the best I’ve ever had.  There’s even champagne toasts at the end of the flight. 

The scenery is magnificent.  What was special about this trip is Lou’s ability to pilot the balloon down into the canyons so you can almost touch the sides of the canyons. 

If you are ever in Moab, I can highly recommend Red Cliffs Lodge as a place to stay and Canyonlands Ballooning!

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