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Castle Geyser - August 5, 2013

According to Geysers of Yellowstone  by T. Scott Bryan, Castle Geyser was named in 1870 by Nathaniel Langford and Gustavus Doane because they thought it looked like a castle.  Castle’s dome of geyserite is considered the largest in the world at 12 feet.  Our guide for the tour, Nic, suggested it was actually larger in the past but souvenir hunters before the park was protected, picked off pieces of the dome.

Castle Geyser seems to be intermittent and variable in its minor eruptions, although major eruptions are fairly regular at every 13 hours.  Nic stated that you can recognize distinct phases with the major eruptions.  It seems to progress from pulses of water shooting as high as 80 or 100 feet in its water phase and then a shift toward a steam phase that can last quite a while.  

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