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Champagne and Old Faithful - July 29, 2013

In reality, the Old Faithful Geyser is not too punctual.  On the average, it erupts every 93 minutes but that can be plus or minus 10 minutes and sometimes, that rule of thumb goes by the way side.  The geyser often gives several false alarms and it’s said they more prolonged the false alarms, the greater the eruption.  What you see here are some of the false alarms.

The viewing area for the eruption provided by the National Park Service is great with seating but it is in the hot summer sun with no shade about.  Quite by accident, my friends and I discovered the perfect place to view Old Faithful - from the Old Faithful Inn.  

There are several places to view the eruption from the Inn.  They even have a porch over the porte cochère with a bar just inside the door with plenty of seating.  However, it gets really crowded from all the day trippers and you have to fight for a seat with a clear view.  

You also have a great view from the annex built in 1913.  The original Inn was begun in 1903 and finished in 1904.  Our rooms were on the third floor of the annex with the significant inclusion of bathrooms en suite.  My room looked out directly at Old Faithful and I was greeted with the eruption, more or less every 93 minutes for 5 days.  Strangely, it was not at all bothersome.  Like trains in the night, you get used to it.

Our secret viewing area was on the second floor that joined the annex to the original Inn.  There was a breezeway with seats.  Old Faithful was framed from that breezeway through lodgepole pines on either side.  It was a remarkable view and no one seemed to know about it.

Xanterra, the company that runs Old Faithful Inn and the company that sponsored our “Couples” tour package provided each “couple” with a bottle of champagne.  Since I was stag, it was two bottles for three people.  We got into the habit of chilling a bottle of champagne in the afternoon after our tours and killing a bottle while watching Old Faithful erupt.  The video you are seeing here was one I took the first bottle.  

For the second bottle, we met a family from Michigan with their kids and grand kids who had preempted us in the seats. They kindly made room for us three and they drank their beer and we drank our champagne to watch another eruption.  We told them of our adventures so far and they told us of their plans.  It was a nice group.  

After each eruption, we adjourned to the Bear Pit Lounge to have martinis in wait for dinner at the Old Faithful Inn restaurant.  Needless to say, it was hard to leave Old Faithful Inn, the geyser, the champagne and the martinis.  

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