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Chrysalis - April 26, 2008

There were actually two caterpillars that were ready to form the cocoon, one larger than the other.   I decided to go with the larger, primarily because of the better angle for filming.  Wrong choice!  The smaller one made the chrysalis in about a third of the time.  

This is a good place for sexist comments such as “Males always finish quicker” and “Females take twice as long to get ready” but in reality, I don’t know how to sex caterpillars.  I could wait until emergence.

You’ll see Rocky walk by a couple of times, oblivious to the filming and the events.  He later was on the scent of an iguana and couldn’t be bothered. 

Notice at the beginning where the antennas are is the point where the shedding of the old exoskeleton occurs and works its way up and eventually the old “skin” is dropped off.

You may wish to mute the soundtrack, but it was cute the first time.

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