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King Mango Strut - May 20, 2013

Since 1982, the King Mango Strut has been a fixture in Coconut Grove, either just before the new year or just after.  It started as a parody of the Orange Bowl Parade and rapidly developed into one of the more entertaining satirical events in South Florida.  

I’m not sure, but I think I saw a very early version of the Strut in the late 80’s and had totally forgotten about my seeing it until I attended this year with good friends.  

We got to the Grove around 11:30 am and had breakfast at the French restaurant Le Bouchon du Grove, another long standing tradition in Coconut Grove on Main Highway.  Prior to having a light brunch, we quickly asked for reservations at La Gamba on Main Highway, just across the street from Le Bouchon du Grove.  We got the last table, just in time for their noon opening.  I have to admit, the wait staff were very accommodating for our large group of eight.

La Gamba was the perfect place to view the parade - right at street level and up close and personal with the members of the parade - often with interactions with the parade members. 

Grand Marshall this year was Mayor “Rob Ford” of Toronto.  The car’s banner stated “I only do crack when I’m in a drunken stupor.”  He was preceded by Little Miss Mango where everyone is a princess and gets to ride the float. 

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