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My New Fence - May 21, 2014

This is my 20th year at Casa Frederico and one thing I’ve wanted since I moved in is a privacy fence.  This year I bit the bullet and forked out my hard earned retirement money and had the fence installed.  

I researched several companies on Angie’s list and decided to go with Samada Fence Company, owned and operated by Sergio Samada.  He really made the process easy.  He measured the property, noted what I wanted and how I wanted it, filed the permit application, and began work when he said he would.  He actually completed the work a day early. 

There were several reasons for my desire for a privacy fence.  First and foremost, bathing suits are a nuisance and it’s much easier to skinny dip during the day if you know the neighbors are not going to be freaked out.  Secondly, I was hoping the fence would cut down on the noise level in the neighborhood. 

To help with the noise level, I did something a little unusual in that I had the fence come around the front of the house and connect with the outer wall of my “vestibule” addition.  This ensured that my bedroom windows on both the east and south side were wrapped with the fence.  I hoped the wood would help absorb some of the sounds of the neighborhood and I can report that the fence has significantly reduced the noise level. 

There are three gates: one on the southwest side (a four foot gate) and two on the southeast side.  One is a four foot gate and the other is an eight foot gate.  If I ever decide to get a trailer for travel, it’ll fit nicely through the eight foot gate with a little rearrangement of current vegetation. 

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