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Red Fox Hunting - January 17, 2015

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We were heading north from Old Faithful along the Grand Loop Road when the bombardier in front of us stopped.  As we slowed, we saw what had prompted the halt - a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) along the side of the road hunting for mice and voles under the snow.  With those ears and nose, I suspect they can both smell and hear them but Wikipedia  says it is by sound.  

At first, I taped through the windows of the bombardier and got off a few snap shots.  Our driver then told us it was possible to open the hatch in the roof and take turns photographing from the hatch.  That allowed us to not disturb him on his hunt.  The second part of the video is from the hatch and is much clearer since I am not photographing through glass.

While snapping photos from inside, I watched him leap into the air and plow into the snow with his face trying to catch the mouse.  I was thrilled when I later discovered I had luckily caught the leap in mid air.  I’ve seen them do this on television shows, but never in the wild.  It was a great thrill.

We apparently didn’t bother him.  He was hungry enough that whatever we did did not deter him from his hunt.

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