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Rocky and the Peacock - November 22, 2012

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On a particularly glorious Thanksgiving day with the temperatures in the low 60’s, Rocky took the opportunity for a nice long walk through the back streets of the neighborhood.  In one very secluded area, he stumbles upon a female peacock.  His reaction was priceless.  He stopped mid-stride and stared.  I could just imagine what was going through his mind - “That’s a big chicken!”  Sweet dreams of supper.  

Before he could react, the peahen immediately flew up to the roof of a house.  Rocky quickly went into the sniffing mode trying to capture every odor of the peahen.  We had to stay and sniff for about 5 minutes. 

What he didn’t notice as we walked out several males in another yard.  Apparently the wind was blowing the wrong way and I admit I didn’t see them at first glance. 

Rocky’s had several firsts like the peahen.  I remember the first time he saw a horse at the local Boys and Girls Club.  They were giving pony rides to kids.  Another stopped in his tracks reaction was the guinea fowl in the neighborhood and also a four foot iguana in the street.  His reaction has always been the same but it is immediately taken over by curiosity.  Sometimes, I think he’s a cat in disguise. 

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