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The Bugaboos - Perry Lectures on Helicopter Safety - August 8, 2015

There’s no doubt that the cherry on top of the whipped cream of our trip to the Bugaboos was the helicopter flights with Perry.  We were taken to places that would have taken days to have hiked into and because of the helicopter, we were able to take in the views with a minimum of exertion.

Perry has been doing this for a while.  He really impressed us with the ability to land between the passengers and the guide with an arm’s length between us and the helicopter.  He did this on some tricky summits and in some tricky winds.

As I watched the video, it was interesting that although we soaked up the information, we kept doing things wrong on the pick up and delivery aspect of the flight.  At times, we even had trouble getting the seat belts correctly fastened, particularly around camera equipment.

One treat was when Perry set us down at the foot of Vowell glacier, he took a break and hiked with us up to the face of the glacier.  He told us he never gets tired of seeing the vistas. It was also at that point we were held ransom for a cookie.  Unless we produced a cookie for Perry, we were stranded.  Fortunately, Eileen saved us and Perry got his cookie.

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